Philly Street Justice

This upstanding member of our community got what was coming to him.

Kind of like what happens to a barracks thief. “Well, sir, he fell down the stairs…several times.”

Good thing if she ends up pregnant she has the option to abort. I’m glad our government doesn’t force our females into motherhood.

And when the vigilantes accidentally get the wrong person what will you say then? Is this the society you want to live in? Where the mob decides guilt from understandable emotions over a terrible thing. Until in their rage they make a mistake. Then what will you say? Oops.

The mark of civilization has always been our efforts to take the administration of justice out of the hands of the mindless mob. To bring it to a court of law where passion can be replaced by reason.

I’m sad our government permits one of a baby’s two parents to kill (by means too demonic to describe here) her child at the end of the 8th month of pregnancy and even DURING birth, even when the mother’s life is not at risk.

Adolf Hitler and Tiller the Baby Killer both performed their mass murders legally in their respective countries. I for one, am glad they’re both dead, not out of vengeance or justice (for their past actions)… but rather just to have them stopped (for the future).

Murdering a baby while it is being born is the worst thing I can imagine. It is worse than NAZI concentration camps, worse than waterboarding, worse than rape, and even worse than killing someone in church. Partial birth abortion is the worst of the worst of the worst.

I respect those who’s religious beliefs make no distinction between a baby conceived 8 minutes ago and one conceived 8 months ago. However, I think there is a big difference.

As am I.

Philly has it’s own laws and the neighborhoods enforce them without a jury. Reminds you of the Wild West sometimes. Don’t have a familiar face and easily identified tats. Child predators are not well protected here in this city. Bet he doesn’t make it past the first night in lockup here.

You turn a child rape news report into a chance to make political hay
for your pet agenda. Sad.

Castrate the rapist so he can’t impregnate anymore women.

Can we do that to “Pro-Licensing Realtors” or Benedict Arnold HI’s??

Two more solid citizens who should be turned over to neighbors.

How about all the flash riots we have been having in the city over the last few weeks. I live down by South Street and there have been mounted police, motorcycle police, bike cops, state troopers, and any other kind of police presence you can think of down here for the last few weeks. All this crap is being organized over the internet through emails and Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace. This district attorney was pulled out of a cab with her daughter just the other week and assulted. Numerous resteraunt workers have been jumped on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights because everyone knows that’s when the local Mexican workers get paid under the table in cash.

This city is getting scary! I am friends with another business owner who is very involved in the Mexican community. He was telling me that there was talk about them forming street gangs here in the city to retaliate all the attacks.

Can’t wait to see what the city is going to turn into when they finally approve the casino they want to put in here.

As facinatiing as it is to read the Philly crime reports, really, who outside of your town cares? We have crime everywhere.

Especially in Washington D.C. on both ends of Pennsylvania Ave.

Especially WHAT in Wash DC??? Complete sentences man, your posts are criminal. :smiley:

Point one: I fully detest the murder of the abortionist, Dr. Tiller. One cannot condone murder or vigilante justice.

Point two: Why is it that, in our country, these two situations can both be legal and acceptable under law:

  • If someone shoots a pregnant woman, killing the mother and the unborn child, and the mother wants the baby, the perpetrator can be tried and convicted for double murder.

  • If the mother does not want the “fetus”, even up to the time of birth, the doctor can “terminate the pregnancy” by sticking a scissors into the rear base of the “fetus’s” skull, once the “body” is fully delivered but the head remains still inside the vagina."

In other words’ whether the “fetus” is not desired or the “baby” is desired, entirely based upon the mother’s arbitratry desires (and remember that pregnant women are under great emotional and hormonal stress and are prone to great mood swings), the “termination of the pregnancy” can either be a heanous crime or a mere medical proceedure.

I am sorry, but the Constitutional rule of law is based upon clear, consistant and logical (and non-arbitrary) writing of laws and the public’s common knowledge of what the law is.

For this particular point to be controlled, solely, but a pregnant woman’s arbitrary decision os just plain wrong.

Just mey opinion.

Read your quote in my post NN.:roll: It’ll all make sense then.

Nope. No one cares about Philly crime? Philly crime reports??? Crime is everywhere???

No one cares about you telling us what we cannot post on the Misc. thread … :roll:

I am not telling anyone anything. Post whatever you want.