Philly Street Justice

I actually am starting to think that a few years of cops looking the other way while vigilantes take care of these sociopaths expeditiously would go a long way toward lowering the crime rate.

Philadelphia, as Scott Gilligan and I knew it, is gone. FOREVER. You can assume with considerable empirical evidence on your side that about 1/6 of the people you encounter on the streets of this town are fugitives from justice. So . . . four words: Have a carry permit.

Above the shoulders would do quite nicely…:mrgreen:
(with a dull knife)


I just saw a show about gang activity and it reminded me why I
moved out of the city over 33 years ago. Wow.

That is why I started breeding German Shepherds recently. People
want a guard dog nowadays and not just a pet.

It was refreshing when Joe Hall, down here in Texas, was never
arrested and had no charges filed on him, after he killed two
burglars outside his house. Very nice to see that people are
tired of letting the gangs control their streets.

You need this in most US Cities.


Anyone have any experience with these.

I like the idea of dual loads.