Phoenix advertising

Hello Phoenix inspectors, I’m looking to get some shirts logoed and a magnetic sign made for my shiny new truck. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.

I would be interested in what your local competition tells you about
what you can do with your shiny new truck… smile.

Common Guys… be nice, there is room for everyone.

Dylan I buy inexpensive polo type shirts at Kohls/Mervyns/Pennys ($12 to $18) and have the logos stitched on a couple of miles from the house at the local embroidery place, like to keep my tax dollars in the hood. There are lots of embroidery/logo places here no need to send away for anything.

No sign on my 4 Runner as I drive a little fast.:wink:

My cousin at Bell and 35th at will do you a sign, Road Runner Printing.:slight_smile:


Like Brian, I drive too fast for signs on my vehicle, but try for shirts, good quality, good prices, min order of 4. No charge for logo set up either.