Phoenix - America's Team?

Who would have thunk that the Anyone-But-Filthydelphia]( clan would be vindicated by Phoenix? :mrgreen:

Kurt Warner… The Man! :wink:

Looks like Philly should have just stayed at home. It would have been a better game.

Kurt Warner First half


14/17 .203 .3 .0

These are the numbers he had with the Rams. 400 yd games were the norm.

Like Philly the team,but always like Warner.
Seems like teams were always trying to replace him.

But who in the heck knows a darn thing about Phoenix. haha

The second half has been much better than the first half.

From the team nobody can love to the team everyone hates. Good job Phoenix!

That was a very good game. Philly came back and at least made it interesting. Now if the ravens can win it will be a perfect day.

Kurt Warner is still Kurt Warner.

Warner’s rating for today. 145.7

It will not matter who the Cardinals meet in the superbowl from the AFC as neither the Ravens nor the Steelers secondary will keep up.

I wouldnt get to cocky about no one keeping up with them! You are talking about 2 of the best defenses in the league no matter which AFC team wins. The CARDS are good but it is your first in long time! I would say there is no lock for a Superbowl title yet but congrats on the NFC championship!

The Cardinals ended there 62 year drought.

Before they moved to Arizona, and before they moved to St. Louis, the Cardinals were Chicago’s team.

Maybe the CUBS should move to Arizona. :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you actualy watching the AFC game? BORING.

Brian’s taking his cue from John O who got a little ahead of himself as well re: Texas Tech a few weeks ago. :stuck_out_tongue: But…congrats to the Cards are definitely in order!

Perhaps there is some truth to what you say Michael, but then again the Cards seem to be a bit better in the playoffs than most thought. :mrgreen:

And what is with the steelers clock management before the half??

Oh, don’t get me wrong…I’m pulling for them for sure!


I think it is another year for Warner.