phone apps

Looking to see what people have found for phone apps that can be useful in the field. Looking for more reference type apps that I can utilize in the field. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC etc.

I teach a 2 hour class on this at most conferences. There’s a ton! Check out pitch gauge, HON Professional, bubble level, just to name a few.

Put your docs online at Google drive so you can reference.
Use Evernote for fast lookups on crib notes.

Save videos on Dropbox or Google photos.

Hootsuite is an important mobile app for marketing.

Take a photo of something interesting in the app, write a short comment and submit it to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ all at the same time!

When I started up, I loaded up my phone with apps.

When I switched phones, I thought, oh, I need to re-load all those apps. Then I realized, I rarely to never used most of them.

Occasionally I’ll use pitch gauge, as that’s useful now and then.