phone for you

any of you geezers remember this?

I love it…I bet my 15 year old would be puzzeled!

looks like a high end home! the 50s

I visioned Dean calling Sammy and Frank to come over for martinis, stogies and a game of poker

Avocado was a popular color back then and much better than the Beige.:slight_smile:

Intercom Phone. And what do you mean geezers? I still remember cranking our phone .

That is a “Geezzer”! :slight_smile:

OMG, it makes me feel old. My kids would be puzzled also. I mentioned the word 45 album and they had no clue. I went out to the shed and pulled out an old Beatles album and they were fascinated by it. They acted like it and I are ancient and wanted to take it to school to share–WT?

I don’t know if I could still work a rotary dial. I was pretty fast at rotary when I was “dialing” Peggy Sue or whoever that girl was way back then… Do you think Verizon still charges extra for “Tone” dialing - because only rich people have push button phones? I know they did for many years.

So i suppose none of you had a crank phone, gosh maybe i did live in the
4 Ring 4 was the number 26 on the line those were the days lol

By the time my family could afford a phone…it was rotary dial and party lines.

Use to have to wait for the neighbor to get off the phone before you could make a call.

Loved listening in though.

My family had a crank phone for years.

I remember as small child sending smoke signals to the village.

Before that we used hollow logs and beat on them with clubs. I could whip out a pretty good rhythm in those days.

That is because unlike me Jae your older than dirt lolol I can only go back to a crank phone.:stuck_out_tongue: