Photo attachments rotating issue.

This keeps coming up over and over, many have mentioned this issue.

Start a post, add a photo in the correct orientation and after loading the photo has rotated 90 degrees.

This is clearly an InterNachi web problem, would appreciate it if
Chris, Tim etc. could address this.


Apple products suck.

Save it to your desktop, then open it and save it again with a different name. That’s how I get it to stop rotating.

Oh, so you’re using a suckass apple product?

Happens to me on android.

Thanks Dave.

It’s clearly not a problem with our operating systems Nick.
I post photos elsewhere and they don’t auto rotate like they do on this MB.

You have something set to auto rotate.

Try opening the photo in some other photo software and see how it looks.

You can turn off auto rotate in android.


The issue actually isn’t a problem on your operating system or on the message board - the images are actually on their side. Your phone will include “metadata” that your photo viewing software will read to auto-rotate it to the orientation you intended. Some software (like Facebook) will read that data, but the message board (vBulletin) doesn’t. It displays the actual image, which means it may be on its side.

The best solution, at the moment, is to use an online image rotator to get the picture to the right orientation - there are a bunch of free options if you google “online image rotate”.

We may be able to find a plugin to add this functionality to the message board - I’m going to do some digging on my side.


I had one I couldn’t fix. I saved it as a PDF and then back and it stopped rotating.

I save it to my desk top fix the rotate and then post it .

No I do not.

Yesterday, I started a thread with 2 photos both oriented correctly.
ONE of the photos auto rotated when added to the post.

Thanks Tim,

It’s odd that it will rotate one image and not another even in the same posting.
And both are oriented correctly when I try to add them.

I’ll look up the image rotator you mentioned.

I’ve noticed some ongoing confusion about this on the MB so thought I’d bring it up.