Photo Defect Recognition

Is it possible that some text could be created around this subject, complete with an examination - turning it into an online course similar to the online electrical and roofing courses??
David Verge

Great I will use this at NACHI meetings, that is the electrical area, how can I get a CD of them?

**Photo Defect Recognition / Report Writing Tutorial **

The purpose of this photo tutorial is to help you recognize very common defects and then see how to write a comment describing each defect as you would write it in an inspection report. Many inspectors spot obvious defects quickly but then find it difficult to put what they see into words.

The order of the categories below correlates with NACHI’s Standards of Practice.

Instructions:Simply click each category, view the PICs of defects, anticipate the comment you would use to describe each defect and click on the “Defect description” link to see a sample of how to word your report. Enjoy!


  1. Roof
  2. Exterior
  3. Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure
  4. Heating
  5. Cooling
  6. Plumbing
  7. Electrical
  8. Fireplace
  9. Attic & Insulation
  10. Doors, Windows & Interior

Our eternal gratitude goes out to all who helped with this project.

Photo Contributors:

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