Photo needed: failed thermal-pane window

I need a good photo of a failed thermal-pane window for a Mexican course, 640x480 minimum, preferably no snow in the shot! Plenty of condensation and maybe white haze/etching.

Mail to:


From today

Who’s the jerk with his fingers in the shot?! :wink:

Phone hooome…

My assistant, he likes to point :slight_smile:

And the narrative reads,
“Non-uniform knuckles noted at the time of inspection. Possible pre-arthritic enlargement of second metatarsal joint of the left index finger. Slight curvature from the second metatarsal joint of the left index finger to the tip indicates possible bad judgement during near-simultaneous indulgence in alcohol imbrication and demonstration of martial arts skills.
The inspector recommends pointing less often.”

Sorry, actually it’s a good shot, thanks Troy.