Photo of Nick doing his morning workout in our lunch room.

He does pushups with Kelsea on his back when he isn’t on the forums. :slight_smile:


I like how Nick’s doing pushups next to his half empty box of donuts on the counter.

Completely empty by now. Breakfast of Champions!

I won’t say who ate them all, but it definitely wasn’t Jesse (I confess, I had 2)! Nick needs me around to eat well, remember the tour?

Kelsea only weighs 89 pounds.

Looks like 89lbs might be a stretch from at that pic! Maybe carrying the weight of nearly 10,000 inspectors on your back is what helps? :slight_smile:

Looks like you need someone to put some outlets in that room , Perhaps someone could do a inspection lol

Nice eye Wayne, I thought the same as soon as I seen the extension cords.


Try all three ladies!