Photo of tankless boiler

Any one have a photo of a tanklees boiler installed in home or building, (not water heater) I can use?

Hello Jeff I am not sure why you need one but here is what I have.

Here’s a few.

I assume he meant electric. I have plenty of picks for Oil and Gas boilers.
Is this what you want Jeff M?;ft1_radiant_heat_systems-ft1_boilers_10;pg109179.html

I have seen these Shark units on smaller in floor heat systems.

They make a claim of saving 30-50% on heating with these units- NOT!

For a course, electric or gas, gas is better for Chicago. Thanks for the help.

Thanks Mike, what I was looking for, wanted one in actual use.

Here are some more Jeff M.

Here is a gas fired tankless used for in floor heat from an inspection last year.

Trick question
Is the one in the third picture a boiler?

It’s your picture.

Don’t you know the difference? :roll:

Thanks, that is what I wanted.

Mike, Can I use it?


No I am not educated enough to tell the difference!

Can we quote you on that? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you can’t find one here in Chicago why bother teaching it? :slight_smile:
Just messing with ya Jeff,though I can provide earthquake strap shots if you need them?

Bob, they are used, just don’t have a photo.