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icon_question.gif Do you need permission from a home owner to take pix of the house?


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Good question. The houses we inspect for buyers are obviously being sold. To put on the market, a seller must sign forms allowing the prospective buyers access to the home. This includes the right to have professional opinions and reports prepared. As long as these photos are used for the report generated there is no legal issue. Now I JUST called my attorney and asked this question. At least in MD there is no legal precedent either way. However the law specifically grants buyers the right to have a home inspection. Also, by allowing the access to the home it is assumed that others will and are going to see the property and the conditions within. And the home inspector should be able to show that the photos are for purposes of the report. Remember we do not have to get a homeowner to sign an agreement just our client. This is because that real estate contract grants permission for us to be there. My attorney does caution that IF a owner should refuse to allow photos, it is probably not worth the time or effort to fight. You might want to explain to them that by refusing it limits your reporting ability and this could be seen by the buyer as a way of not showing defects. This could hurt their chances of sale.

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For a picture of the house, I don’t bother getting permission. Especially if its shot from the street. Anyone could drive by and take a picture.

If I want to take shots anything that would not be readily viewable by the general public I try to get permission from the sellers. If the sellers aren't there and I really want the pic I'll ask the agent.

Getting permission is not only a polite thing to do but may also help cover your but if something went missing (the Picasso covering the crack in the foundation ![nachi_sarcasm.gif](upload://6HQh6KbNiD73gqTNQInjrR2zeJw.gif) )


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