Photo Tip#1

Im not sure if anyone uses this method. I actually learned from my son that took photography in HS.

After an important or significant image snap a shot with the lens covered either by hand or with the cap. When you go back and view the images you will know which images to focus on immediately while looking through the thumbnails. You can also use this method to separate areas of the home. Grounds, Roof, Attic etc…

It helps me maybe it will help someone else.

Good tip. I do something similar anytime I shoot multiple image panoramas or HDR too

The Late and Great Gerry Beaumont whom the interNachi award is named after had a long talk with me on the phone one day and he said his favorite camera trick was to bring a chalk board and show a message in the picture.Took his advice and changed that to finger paint app on my mobile phone and started taking pictures of my cellphone message .

Today it is so easy to switch from camera to video the easiest method on a camera of cell is to simply take a quick video and use that as a marker in your picture gallery.

Great advice. I have used cards written on or hand signals. When Consulting on large Construction Projects I take a pict of the permit box before hitting the unit.

Awesome I love those ideas. Bob that is pretty cool. I don’t like taking my phone into crappy spots but it will come in handy. I won’t forget.

Okay then another quick tip.Put your finger at top for north and right screen for east…

I like this one. So many “uhhhh I think its the west end of crawl” when reviewing pictures.

Good tip Bob!
I use various hand signals for marking certain pictures with more info.

Ya Bob, I take a small Dry Erase Board on Commercial Inspections. It was probably a Gerry tip.

He told me he taught the trick when he lectured.

Anyone have favorite hand signals not so obvious ?
Since I am sharing …always carry a speedy auto focus camera so I can take advantage of not needing to stare at a screen typing and clicking much but have found times when I create a snappy ] primitive 2 or 3 frame animation such as waving fingers from down to up in two separate shots while keeping my hand still to remember a window does not stay open or to show a roof has a soft spot as example .A cupped hand means I am not sure yet such as a exterior vent if not inside to track it yet .Flat hand means something is missing.

"L " shape with thumb and forefinger means loose or leak depending on item.

Twisted fingers means either reversed or if pointed at a latch plate that it is not aligned properly.I have many and they are automatic making mobile transition difficult as I have perfected my process and never am left wondering location or issue .I make a T for tyvek,w for wood,F for foam…can go on and on.

I haven’t used a note pad in years.

Depending on how I take the photo I know what the defect is later when I’m writing the report.

Here is an easy example, if I shoot a picture of the stove with the oven door open then it means the anti tip bracket is missing.

If I shoot an overall photo of a toilet then it means that it’s loose to the floor.

Generally I start on the top floor of a house and work my way down.
Lets say it’s a three story townhouse, after I’m done with the 3rd floor as soon as I get to the 2nd floor I shoot a pic of my hand with 2 fingers up. And then again once I get to the 1st floor with 1 finger up. Easy way to know what floor the pics are from.

A wide shot of the kitchen sink with an outlet in the photo means that it’s not GFCI protected.

Just a few examples…

Prevagen may be in order. :wink:

2 fingers straight up, side by side, binding door or window, I place the hand in the bind location.

Middle finger up means I’ve had enough of the twit agent that keeps asking me how much longer the inspection will be…

I like it and do the same with floors.Just to raise the ante when doing multi-unit buildings for units I make a N,S,E,W and then add floor with fingers as well as I enter the apartment.Takes two shots in a row.

Might steal that one .

Need no photo as I jam it in the face .
Happened 2 weeks ago and after 1 hour he had to leave so my referring Agent told him he needed to pay me double to return.She gave him the middle finger and I got paid double …win win.
I love my Agents .

Hip mobile= no signals or memory joggers needed photos are already slotted and captioned.

Doing the report onsite doesn’t suit me, I have a lot of pre written captions/comments, but I also have to write up a good number custom comments on the homes I do.
Look up mfg. dates etc.
I want to focus on the property and the clients when I’m onsite.

I can relate to that, when I started using mobile I used it at my desk and took pics of my pics to learn how to use it, as I did not want to be figuring it out onsite. It quickly became obvious that even in the office mobile is way faster than desktop. I now have my assistant handle taking photos and adding captions so I can focus on inspecting not the mobile. Occasionally so many issues pop so fast I will add some myself. I enter the report comments onsite at certain times during the inspection, like while watching a sink or tub fill up. with a smart phone you can speech to text comments, or even just typing them often the smartphone knows what you are typing and often the next word. Mobile is definitely faster than desktop period. If additional comments are needed for any given report it faster to add them on mobile, same with adding arrows, circles…etc.