Photographic art Facebook page

As many of you know, I’m attempting to work my way out of the home inspection industry because my knees just don’t like me crawling under houses and up in attics anymore. I could have them replaced under the Affordable Care Act (I got insurance finally after being uninsurable from November 2003 to June 30, 2013), but even though my knees are painful, I still kind of like them original buggers.

Photographic Art is my next venture, and, hopefully, the last of my lifetime. To that end, my employee, Julian, created a Facebook business page for us (I made him a partner, kind of like Chris and Nick when NACHI was starting out).

Julian and I would love it if YOU would like our Facebook page. It’s over at Photographic Art by Russel Ray Photos at Facebook.


Not on Facebook, but I DO like your picture art.

    In appreciation for your HI marketing help, and in the interest of possible alleviation:

Orobanche/ Cistanche Salsa (chinese Rou Cong Rong) eng. Broomrape

Also, in the attachment. Liniment is $3.50 at local chinese veggie mart -
Kind of weird, but it works. It shouldn’t be overused. One or two well known pharmaceuticals have been derived from one of these herbs.

All the best,

Done. Please Like my page.