Photos for Four Point inspections

Is there a standardized instruction list of photos for a Four Point Insurance inspection? I’ve used several forms including Inter NACHI’s for but don’t find specific instructions as to the photos that are required. I have insurance companies asking me for different photos, some as much as 11 months after the inspection. Please advise,

The last 11 years our agents and client get the following photos with the 4-point reports:

4-Elevation photos
2 roof overview photos - and/or one for each roof covering type if applicable
A photos for each electrical panel with the front covers removed.
A photo of the water heater
A photo of the TPR Valve
A photo washer plumbing lines
A photo of the plumbing under the kitchen sink
A photo of the plumbing lines under at least one bathroom sink
All the photos of all noted deficiencies to support the reported information
A photo of the Air Handler & Heat pump and depending which insurance carrier the report is for, may also include the air handler and heat pump manufacture labels.

Yes we used two forms the standard NACHI and Citizen’s. Also on the 22nd of this month we started using the new State Farm 4-point form.

Hope this helps! Have a safe and bless weekend

Did you do a rate increase for the new form from statefarm?