Photos of cracks, as promised.

Right, I know. :wink:

Just out of interest; did you have this home inspected before purchase?

Eight yrs. ago, no.

Diana -

#1 - If everybody in Kansas City bailed on cracks like yours shown in the photos, there would we whole subdivisions of empty houses.

#2 - You write more like another inspector than a homeowner.

#3 - What has the foundation contractor experts that have physically come out and actually looked at this said to you, or have you just relied on the opinions of people on this board hundreds or thousands of miles away who have not really seen your house, your neighborhood, or your situation?

Hello Dan. It is a big relief, in an odd way, to know that lots of other homes have similar cracks. This is our first home, so we have limited experience. We do not know our neighbors [everyone keeps to themselves], so unless someone in the grocery store or at the office happened to be talking about the cracks in their home, I wouldn’t truly know to what extent the kind of concern these precise types of cracks should generate.

I hope my writing did not offend anyone. I have researched this area of foundation settling, soil conditions, grading, differential movement, etc. extensively. I imagine this is what you have picked up on in my detailed writing.

Although the opinions of everyone here are immensely appreciated and valued to an extent, I take everything I read with a grain of salt, especially because I know that no one here has actually seen our home and thus, does not know about every single thing that cannot be completely relayed in my msgs.

Have a good one!

Again, have you called a few foundation contractors to come out and look at your house and issues?


I have been doing concrete foundations for many years and looked at your post pictures and agree with Raymond Wand as to what you should do.
There is nothing alarming in what I saw and the prognosis would be to monitor it.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hello Dan. No, I have not requested a free foundation contractor inspection because first, I am still trying to locate an honest company who can also offer superior workmanship, licensing, experience, and warranties. And also, we are financially limited, so having someone tell me we truly DO need to have a foundation repair in the near future would be a waste of their time. They may also tell me we do not, and to continue monitoring, assuming they are honest and trustworthy.

The intent of my original msg. from a couple of weeks ago was to hopefully receive some insightful, general feedback on the condition of these cracks [which I did :)], and whether the home should be sold now “as is,” even at a loss, given the new movement I believe I have seen. If I know that our budget will not allow for possible repairs that eek up into the thousands for at least another five years, this is something I need to know.

Perhaps I have overstayed my welcome here. I appreciate every moment of time and bit of knowledge that has been shared with me. I now know that our home, while of a concern, should not be sold “as is” at a loss, and will continue monitoring and trying to create a financial avenue for most likely the eventual repairs, especially if we ever did want to sell at full market value.

You gents are great! Diana

You’re demanding, Diana! :cool:

Diana -

Its not a welcome issue. You’re listening to all kinds of people try and give advice on what may or may not be there. Get some professional opinions from foundation contractors in your area that can physically see your house.

Ask your friends, neighbors, check the BBB, etc then CALL SOMEONE and start getting opinions from SEVERAL of them AFTER they’ve looked at it.

Foundation contractors don’t charge an owner to look.

If you start having 2-3 contractors make the same comments its probably correct.

They do out here because the great majority of them are licensed engineers. Florida, being a high profile state like California, might also have foundation contractors who charge to look. I have found one foundation company that does not charge to look; none of the owners or employees of their company are licensed engineers and, interestingly, it is 100% female owned and operated–not sure how they get away with that in this state, but they do. Nonetheless, I refer them quite often simply because they don’t charge to look. My second favorite foundation company charges $500 an hour to look, with a minimum $500 charge. And they don’t waive the looksee fee if one contracts them to do the work.

Russel, does that mean that all the Concrete Foundations I have built to-date on the Commercial jobs that I do, that I could charge $500 an hour for consultation.??? I must be doing something wrong here other than knowing how to pour concrete.!! I have one coming up next Tuesday with a 47 meter pump, care to come and see and watch.?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

I think you’re mixing apples with pumpkins.

First, I think we’re talking residential (apples) rather than commercial (pumpkins).

Second, I think I specifically said something about " out here," meaning San Diego (apples) as opposed to Diana in Florida (pumpkins) or where you are (lighted pumpkins).

Third, it sounds like you are pouring concrete next Tuesday (apples) versus a foundation that already exists and is having problems (pumpkins).

Well, I guess if you could relate to a 24’ foundation and 100yds of concrete to be poured in a serpentine shaped wall that is tapered to bout, with the first use of the top of the line Western Aluminum Form System and I am the Working Superintendant and foreman, maybe you could relate to a more educated answer. How would you inspect that one, when you would not know what you are looking at? Oh, I know, small shrinkage crack, and don’t forget to mention to monitor in your report.

And yes your apples are more red and my pumpkins are getting soft , but I only have to go a few more days more to make the joy in some kids eye.

My apples are red for Tuesday and sure do not need a Home Inspector to tell me how and when or where or in which way it has to be done.
The Concrete color here and over there might be a different color, but the design mix is the same.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m not following you at all, Marcel. I only get the feeling that I have wronged you somewhere, but I can’t determine where. I’m confused, and in this case I don’t thing Ms Margarita or Dr Cuervo have anything to do with it. So just what are you trying to say? Or ask?

Hey Dan. I really appreciate your comments and I know what needs to be done at some point. I realize that I could have called a contractor or two months ago. Like other non-inspectors who have posted here hoping for some feedback and insight, I did the same.

If anyone ever learns of a good foundation expert in our general area [Hillsborough/Pinellas Counties], I hope you will send me an e-mail –

Take care. :slight_smile: And happy inspecting!

Hey, Diana.

I sent you an email from If you don’t get it, check your spam box/filter/etc.



I thought all concrete was poured the same way, into forms. All concrete behaves pretty much the same way as it cures, shrinkage and becomes stronger as it ages. But I wouldn’t be putting any pumpkins or apples in the mix as apples and pumpkins rot, leaving voids, which could lead to cavities which could leak, and result in wall collapse depending of cours how big your apples and your pumpkins are! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a good pour! :wink: