Pia and sop

I want to add something in my PIA AND SOP about inspecting for pools and also chinese drywall, the new update SOP for Florida I did not see anything about pools? is there one for pools that I can include. And also I want to put something in the PIA about only doing visual inspections for chinese drywall. Just wondering what others are doing for that. Thanks

This looks like a good SoP for pools.

POOL and SPA REPORT CHECKLIST SUPPLEMENT](http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=7&cad=rja&ved=0CGYQFjAG&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.azashi.org%2Fpdfs%2FPool_and_Spa_Report_Checklist.pdf&ei=hFKvUt75NKLUsASlkYGgAg&usg=AFQjCNHmKrIWCqXxHlIR8HOby-TGMcGotw&sig2=ntKwS7GEWVpEd4Ijb8VcYw&bvm=bv.57967247,d.cWc)

Full SoP


This is the one I use


Thank you. Anything for drywall, and how I should word it in my PIA?

I understand there is SOP out there for swimming pools and Chinese drywall. My issue is this, they are not in the new SOP for Florida they I guess we need to go by. If I inspect the pool, that could be considered outside the SOP and my contract says I follow the SOP from Florida, how could I disclaim anything if I am going above the SOP.

***Read the SOP. Not sure where you got that notion.

61-30.801 Standards of Practice, General.
(1) Home inspections performed to these Standards of Practice are intended to provide the client with information regarding the overall condition of installed systems and components of the home based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and components at the time of the home inspection and to report on those systems and components inspected that, in the professional opinion of the inspector, are significantly deficient or at the end of their service lives. A home inspection does not include the prediction of future conditions.
(2) These standards shall not be construed as limiting the scope of the inspection process in those areas where the inspector is qualified and/or has special knowledge.
(3) The inspector shall inspect readily accessible, installed systems and components of homes listed in these Standards of Practice by using normal operating controls and opening readily operable access panels. Where multiple instances of the same component exist, a representative number shall be inspected.
(4) The inspector shall inspect and report as required by Section 468.8323, F.S., when required by these standards, systems or components by their type and/or significant characteristics.
(5) If not self-evident to the client at the time of inspection, the inspector shall give a reason why, in his or her opinion, the system or component was reported as significantly deficient or near the end of its service life.
(6) The inspector shall make recommendations for correction and/or monitoring, or further evaluation of the deficiencies that the inspector observed.
(7) These Standards of Practice do not limit inspectors from:
(a) Including other inspection services, in addition to those required by these Standards of Practice;

(b) Specifying repairs, provided the inspector is appropriately qualified;
© Excluding systems and components from the inspection if agreed upon in writing by the inspector and client.
Rulemaking Authority 468.8325 FS. Law Implemented 468.8323, 468.832(1)(j) FS. History‒New 10-22-13.

Really? Seems to me you only need to walk around back, and take a look-see…! :neutral:

Ok thank you, but wouldn’t it be a good idea to at least lay out what I will be doing for the pool inspection and chinese drywall inspection with an additional section at the end to help protect myself and inform the client on what to expect? Since almost every inspection will have one or the other I do not want to have a seperate contract for each and just have it all layed out in one to keep it simple.


Thanks Joe. Best one I have seen.