PIC of PRO-LAB/NACHI's Miss January.


For entire Calendar visit: http://www.nachi.org/prolabnachi2007calendar.htm


These must be the girls who put the “fun” in fungus…

My Goodness…how about just putting THAT ( Miss. January ) in a box and sending it to me…Forget about hangin it on the wall…I have a place for it…:slight_smile:

Where is the NACHI girl calender???

Nick could not talk DEE into doing it for 12 straight months…thehehe

How could any image top that of Nick the Dancing Elf?

Nick is a nice guy but i am not putting him on my wall. (his hair is a mess)

oh, there are many…



Miss June is s… m… o… k… i… n… g!

I heard Nick has been hanging out at Pro-Labs a lot.

He even applied for a job there. When they asked him
how much he wanted an hour, he got down on his
hands and knees and said he would work for free…:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

The first thing he did when he got inside was to tell the
girls that he needed them to check him for mold.

Lisa & Dee deserve their own month, too!