PIC of the road to my house (Peak to Peak Highway):

And it is still raining.

Route 7:

WoW! Serious damage! Are there other ways in and out from your house?

Not yet. Perhaps by Sunday.

Man, and we control what??? Amazing pics… Not aware of where you live or what brought this on??

Man, where have I been? Sorry to hear about that… Amazing how life can change in the blink of an eye.
Praying for you, family and friends. Will share with my men’s bible study group this morning.

time to break out the kayak…

I’m waiting for one of you to attach a clever summary to the pic.

be careful

Just to add a little to what Nick has posted:

Many communities are isolated or have very limited access to the roads either washed away or under water. I-70 west of Denver is closed due to mud slides. I-25 North of Denver is closed at Loveland due to the St Vrain river covering the highway.
Boulder/Boulder County (home of NACHI) probably got hit the hardest.
I live in Aurora. I read last night that in a 48 hour period we had about 11.5 inches of rain. That is a lot. Our average total rainfall is about 16"

Things will get back to normal.

Road construction companies are probably lining up to make some money now.

I’m not looking forward to winter. With as much rain as we have had the past month we are probably going to have record snowfalls this year.

Too much water for Nick and no water for me!
Had a 10" main break on my street today, shooting out of the asphalt about 4’ high.
Who knows when it’ll be back on…

Stay high and dry Nick and upstream of the problem.

Saw that on CBS News tonight.

We also had 3" of rain the past few days.

Take care my friend. They can fix roads. :slight_smile:

Fires and floods.
Gosh Nick.

Careful where you are standing taking these pictures.

Stay safe!
I wish the best for you, your family, our InterNachi members and our InterNachi staff!

I will say a prayer for all of you!

Warmest regards, Frank

Be careful up there but that is what happens when you talk bad about the Pope

40 days and 40 nights watch the animals if they start gathering two X two

Too funny! :wink:

Be safe!

Holy ****!


The momentum of the water can really tear things up.

I don’t think Nick is worried abt being isolated for any length of time, b/c he is well prepared.

But I worry abt the other IN staffers who may be in danger…:frowning:

I’d rather be stuck in a canyon fighting mother nature than in a choir boy’s robe closet trying to fight off some pedophile who insists I call him “father.” Father? Christ ended religious hierarchy. I guess the pope didn’t get the memo.