Pic of the week

From yesterdays inspection

Hahahahahaha what in the world

Yep… looks about right!

That is a plumbers training center for new apprentices. I guess they figure if it do’s not leak you are good to go. LOL

Is there a shut off there for every fixture in the whole house??

If you are referring to my pic…

No… just every “zone”…

Beneath the Pool Table…

Was a Swimming Pool !!!

A single boiler served the 3800 sq/ft home and heated the indoor pool. Indoor pools and Minnesota in the Winter leave something to be desired, and they don’t do very well. The seller stated they had a removable floor system installed so they could close off the pool and use the room for other things when desired, ie… Christmas Parties.

The zoning for the plumbing was “interesting” to say the least!