PIC of what is left of my house after the Boulder fire.

I finally went up to see my former home.

To the left was the well casing that Joe Farsetta used to shoot his www.NACHI.TV episode on inspecting wells. He stayed at this house with me before it burned. The house was vacant at the time of the fire.

InterNACHI staffer Mack Weathers’ house burned completely too.


Wow, quite a loss…good it was vacant. Are you going to rebuild there?

When did this happen? Need anything or is there anything I can do?

The fireplace looks salvageable. :twisted:

Was this from the fires last year?

Happened last year. I finally went up to see it. I lost nothing. I had already moved to another home. Besides, I can fit everything I own in the back of my pickup. Not into “stuff.”

My neighbor Mack on the other hand, lost everything. He was in California working on an InterNACHI deal at the time of the fire. He has an ex-model for a wife who called to tell him the house was soon to burn. He instructed her to save the important items and get out of there. She grabbed her makeup kit and ran. LOL. :smiley:

I glad you lost nothing. Sorry for your troubles.

Was I in that house?

So ironic that the FIREPLACE is always left standing.

Joe Ferry asks:

Yes, you stayed there. You made fun of me because I don’t own a TV. I used to say the President could get shot and I wouldn’t know.

WOW! That is worse than a hurricane. We bought a canal front house in Port Charlotte as a retirement house. Along came hurricane Charlie and now I have a canal front lot.

Joe Farsetta stayed there too. He once said about the house that it was the quietest place he’d ever been.

How far is that from your new place? I notice your new place has fire management in mind !!

Last month I brought Keith up high on top of a mountain (about 8,800 feet above sea level) to show him a new house I’m building. It is a whopping 936 square feet big… about twice as big as I’ll ever need.

I was fire mitigating today Keith.



That sucks. Looks like a nice area, I like Colorado. Been to long since I’ve been. Maybe I need to go to the next Lead class at Nachi.

From what I could see you should not have any serious fire issues in the new spot, and a great view!

I grew up poor trash. My neighborhood was filled with small homes and trailers with $75,000 monster trucks parked out front. You can take the boy out of the trash, but you can’t take the trash out of the boy. Today I have a very small home with a million dollars worth of heavy construction equipment in the yard. LOL :roll:

Hmm. I wonder how many would put “serviceable” or “marginal” in their reports…:mrgreen: