Picasa 2 software

Anyone using this free picture software? What do you think of it?

Decent free program from Google. It finds every picture on your system and displays them in albums by date. some editing is availble including red eye repair for family photos. The price is right and worth trying.

Had it know for a while and it is great manager of pictures.

The last time I had my computer fixed, I could not find my pictures and Picasa2 went in the system and found them all.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks, guys.

So, all pictures are stored in Picasa 2 software and not under MY PICTURES. Is that right?

Typically to backup, I grab all of MY DOCUMENTS which includes MY PICTURES and I have everything. It sounds like I’ll have to add Picasa 2 folders to the backup. Anybody know?

Its’ awesome.

No, only thumbnails are in picassa with pointers to the origninal file locations.

Thanks, Michael.

So, when I download the pics and dump them in MY PICTURES, Picasa 2 makes a copy for there?

I guess I should just download it and try it out. :smiley:

Not with Picassa 2. I have the full photo, enlarged, with full editing capabilities.

I’m wondering if one edits in Picasa 2 and decides to save it, does it then save it in MY PICTURES at the same time?

Wendy, I have Picassa 2 and the original location is not changed unless you export it to somewhere else.