Is there such a thing as being picky when doing a home inspection. I had an agent call me today because she lost a sale on a peice of s— house. The house needed a complete HVAC system, rusted coils, blocked up coils in the air handler and condenser, just to get started. She was arguing that she can get a complete system for $1,500.00. The client has used our company for the third time and is using us again next week. This was only one of many things that were found. I do not think this being too picky.

I love this kind of Realtor

Get her to put it writing with the letter head of the company doing it with details. I am sure you can not get it all for 1500 installed. I get this all the time, They rant they pout then they move on. i had one say it would be about 1200 for a new roof once they have no idea! Stay picky!

was that for the roof on the dog house Wayne?

Looks to me like she’s claiming the cost of the HVAC killed the deal. If so, and she can have the system replaced for $1500, then **she **blew the deal with her poor negotiating skills. I would think in only rare cases, would $1500 kill a deal. (Yes, I know, a system cost’s alot more than $1500) in which case her BS/lying killed the deal.

So was this the third deal that went south for this buyer as a result of inspection findings? If it is, then it’s likely that something is wrong. I don’t think you can be too picky/detailed but is is possible to blow things out of proportion (e.g., are you really qualified to declare that a whole HVAC system needs replacement after a home inspection vs. identify what the specific problems that you observe are and let the contractor put a solution/price to it?).

If you’re going into the fourth inspection for this buyer with no deals surviving consider:

  • Are you making things sound bigger than they are, or:
  • Is the buyer perceiving fixable issues as insurmountable?;
  • Is the buyer selecting all POS houses, then expecting them to be clean of defects? Are her expectations totally out of whack?

We’re not here to save deals, but If three deals in a row go down in flames between you and this buyer, there’s a good chance that something is wrong. if you can figure out what it is, make adjustments or I would considering referring her to a friend or doing the next/last for no fee so someone doesn’t get the impression I’m milking fees.

Frankly, I would bow out after aborted transaction #3.

Who cares what the Realtor thinks? I sure as hell don’t.

I’ve had to hang up on a few Realtor’s who called me complaining.

Call someone who cares…

Ok but what did she say.
Were you expected to …
1)Ignore the issue
2)Quote a price
3)Downplay and say that though defective they should buy it.
4)Only show positives such as that the vent covers are shiny.