PICs from S.W. Ontario meeting.

Many thanks to Roy Cook and Coleen Purdey-Morrison of for driving us from the airport to the meeting. We had members attend from as far away as New Brunswick (about 1,500 miles away). Dan Osborne came up from New York. Dr. Shane from Chicago, Deanna from Colorado, IBS from Florida, Bob Brown from CATS, Tyrone Wheeler from Barrie, etc. Another Ontario Chapter formed yesterday as well, maybe two. PRO-LAB will be opening a lab in Toronto this summer for the purpose of servicing NACHI members in Ontario.

Please join us all again at in September.

No snow?

No snow whatsoever!!!
Global warming!!

Nick, Sounds like a great & productive meeting!
That’ll be snug in Sept, zipping from there to Nevada . …

Did you get the WV pics?


‘Dr. Shane from Chicago’?

Who is this guy and why hasn’t he ever attended a Chicago Chapter meeting?

We, sometimes need a Doctor. :mrgreen: