PICs from tonight's Inspector Marketing World Tour meeting.

Wish I could have attended

Looks great!!

I’ll be seeing you in Detroit in October

I’ll see you in Toronto in October

Hey Nick,
I had a great time at the Omaha World Tour, would not have missed it for anything. It was worth the three and a half hour drive.

I’ll see you in Jacksonville on Halloween Night! It’ll be the first time in many years that I’ll be getting the treats instead of giving them.

Nick, you’ve been “knocking them dead” for the 9 years I’ve been on board, and before!
Even when you were still in PA, you came out to the fledgling Colo NACHI chapter and cheered us on.
Here in ID, you galvanized the state 7 years ago.
Bravo for your continued face-to-face support of members. You would have been a formidable military leader . . . Thanks!