PICs of defunct NAHI's headquarters. They're empty. Everyone is gone.

Fly-by-Night NAHI:

InterNACHI sued NAHI recently:

The owner of the Salon next door told the Sheriff that they were “there one day and gone the next morning.

NAHI reported to the IRS on their last 990 public filing that they had $344,225.00.

InterNACHI is working hard to scrub from the internet all links that lead consumers to NAHI members, one by one. Every inspection they don’t get is one that InterNACHI members have a shot at:

Fly-by-Night NAHI’s corporate theme song:

Well then sue the salon next door!!

You might be right. Maybe NAHI has become a hair restoration Salon. NAHI… National Association of Hair Implants. :wink:

This is really funny. It’s an 11-second video of NAHI’s corporate neighbor:


The question is where did the money go?

I don’t know. My goal is to get all references and links to them removed from the internet. We’re already making progress.

I think they took their business model from the fitness gyms. Open in an affordable store front. Send out the sales force to sell memberships. Go out of business, change your name and move to the next location when the lease is up. No refunds

Kenneth writes:

And even though they are out of business, their site is still accepting money from new members joining online:

If so then that should constitute fraud.

If they’re accepting $$$$$ would that be going to ASHI???

Surely not.

Now that they have been properly served with our lawsuit, that would amount to a fraudulent transfer giving us grounds to sue the members of their Board of Directors, personally.

We succeeded at getting service on NAHI.

The world has way to much hatred for no reason. !!!

Peace to all

take a few minutes to relax and reflect on your life.


I’m pleased to announce that they took their website ( ) offline, and all the links on the internet that point to NAHI’s website no longer lead consumers to NAHI inspectors.

A quick little search