PICS of me cooking Christmas dinner in my driveway and feeding my family outside.

I hope you all are cooking and eating with your families today.

Yes, I know, I look like Elmer Fudd.

actually I was noticing the family resemblence with You guys…:wink:

Well sure looks warmer over there Nick.

Merry Christmas

Even the Cardinal looks cold. :slight_smile:

Here is what is in the big, green egg smoker: Two, seven-pound prime rib roasts being smoked over lump charcoal and hickory. They’re both covered with fresh garlic, salt and butter.

Cooking it slowly in my driveway, so I think I’ll wash my truck while I’m waiting.

Looks and sounds great!

Warm Christmas wishes to you and yours.:smiley:

Coming along…

Cool…nice to be outdoors on Christmas. It’s 18 degrees and dropping here.

Merry Christmas Nick. I’ve been on the road all day and when morning comes, I will wash the old expedition. Here is a pic of what it looks like in Southwest Virginia now. I wish you and your family, a very Merry Christmas.

How is that smoker? I was looking at picking one up

A smoker only smokes. A grill only grills. This is a ceramic kiln and completely adjustable from 150 degrees to 1,200 degrees. You can smoke, grill and bake.

And best of all, cooking in your driveway allows you to wash your truck and feed your donkeys at the same time.

I see that you invited Larson over. that was awfully nice of you.

All InterNACHI members are always welcome in my home whenever they visit Colorado.

Here is a PIC of the final product…

I should disclose that my son Nikolai did the cookin’… I did the dishes.

That looks delicious Nick. Nothing beats a good home cooked meal with the loved ones.