PICs of NACHI booth at Falcon Prof. Bus. League Fair in Colorado.

Nice, Steve;
I think “getting out there” is a major factor in educating our future clients!

Thanks Russell,
My goal this inaugural year, is being involved in a public venue, at least once a month, during the summer months.
As one who has spent a major portion of his working life INdoors, I enjoy the outdoors where I can get maximum exposure,
for little expenditure.
My hats off to the NACHI folks, for their great support, and to my business this year.
This kind of marketing is priceless, IMHO.


p.s. I got a hoot out of your tractor riding…a man after my own heart.


Way to go Steve. My hat’s off to you.

Thanks Joe, :smiley:

I click on the “hear me talk” icon, and Rusty comes running over…
scared the dickins out of him…