Picture of mouse in panel

A while back someone posted a closeup of a mouse that had wormed it’s way between the two bus bars on a panel, but I now can’t find it.

Anyone have a link?


How 'bout a snake?

Is this what your looking for?:smiley:

Oh…that is sooooo kyoot…

Very good! best laugh Ive had in a long time.

sorry Mike just could not help myself. try post #7 of http://www.nachi.org/forum/f19/panel-creatures-13128/


I’ve got an electrocuted mouse for ya…

Still my favorite find.

Mouse1[HI] (Small).jpg

I took one of a fried bird that flew through the flu this Saturday.
I saw the bone first and thought it was a rat till I noticed a feather


With those bones strewn about, it appears that something else (in that house) got hungry.

:smiley: Now that is funny!!

Do I see a splash of BBQ sauce there?

Here is a picture of the chimney cleanout (so you detective types can figure it out) :slight_smile:

Looks like Ma Ma took a wrong turn

Yesterdays inspection.

Thanks to all!

Gee, now how did they get in there?:roll:

Missing knockouts.