Picture of where I live

This is just down the street from my house…


What the hell is that really cold looking white stuff Wendy?:wink:

Only thing missing from that picture is a baby goat named “Gus”…Nice place!


Doug, Gus just missed the picture. He wandered out of the pic to get some blackberries. :wink:

Funny, we don’t have any snow there right now. This must be from last year or something. This place is literally in walking distance from my house. If you were to face this place and then turn around you’d be right on the Hood Canal beach and looking at Mt.Rainier. It’s an awesome place to live. :slight_smile:


This is one of many victorian mansions in Pt.Townsend.

Port Townsend’s Legendary Victorian Inn



Tower Staircase Solar Calendar
This free hung three-tiered spiral staircase(the construction remains a mystery) leading to the most unusual domed ceiling in North America. The eight sided dome is a glorified calendar with frescos painted in Ann Starrett’s image depicting four seasons and four virtues. On the first day of each season the sun shines through a ruby red glass in the top of the tower, casting a red beam of light towards the appropriate seasonal panel. The scantily clad winter nymph caused a mild scandal.

We have scantly clad winter nymphs in Florida too. We call them tourists.


Isn’t it cool though how this functions as a calendar? And they don’t know how it is suspended. I’m going to have to go tour this. It’s only $125 a night to stay in the cottage. I’d love to do that someday. :slight_smile:

very nice

“WOW” beautiful country
I want to come and visit

I think I’ll have to have a party…sounds like it’s gonna have to be on my Birthday! :wink:

gee windy, when might that be? :wink:

Waiting for Gary to chime in here…:wink:

Hmmmm…wellllll…I’m a Pisces… :wink:


Very nice!

Thanks Mario! I agree!

party sounds great sounds like your birthday could be very close to mine

Hi Wendy…Washington is a beautiful state for sure!

Wendy I will throw you a private party there