Picture with text software?

I usually use ReportHost for my reports but when I don’t I need a picture software that will let me add text to the bottom of each picture in which they can be easily be emailed and edited. Does anyone have any good ideas about which programs are the best and I can get for free online?

I use Homegauge
But is not free

Home Inspector Pro
Well known throughout the industry as the best and fastest Photo Editor in any report software.

Go to my signature below and upload a free trial.

Not free , but much less expensive than Report Host.

What an average Inspector pays for Report Host in 6 months pays for Home Inspector Pro and it is yours forever.:slight_smile:

Yes, try ImageEditLite at http://www.whispersolutions.com/DownloadsImageEditLite.htm . It will allow you to add boxes, arrows, words to your photos and best of all, it’s free.

You could also use Photoscape or GIMP