Pictures of electrical defects

Pictures of electrical defects

Violation #1 - Temporary bulb, shock hazard!

Violation #2 - Keyless lampholder in closet.

Violation #3 - In one receptacle out to the other.

Violation #4 - A well destroyed junction box.

Violation #5 - Non covered, overcrowded, and partially damaged J-box.

Violation #6 - LB totally disconnected from rest of raceway.

Violation #7 - Defective GEC to ground rod.

Violation #8 - Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) hanging in the breeze, wires exposed.

Violation #9 - Working clearance problem for disconnect.

Violation #10 - Cord coming out of cord-connected plug.

Violation #11 - Overcrowded junction box in a hospital?

Violation #12 - Damaged junction box in a front lawn.

Violation #13 - Working space violations in a rest home.

Violation #14 - Junction box in an attic with many violations.

Violation #15 - Work done by an Unqualified Person using paper bags?

Violation #16 - Exposed live energized bus in a hotel panelboard.

Violation #17 - Sheet metal screw is no good for EGC, and open KO’s.

Violation #18 - Hotlegs, many of them and exposed they are!

Violation #19 - Can you tell what’s wrong with this?

Violation #19

The worst seat in the Restaurant.


They have a 18 gauge extension cord spliced into the suction pump at this dental office…but that was the least of his problems…:shock:

Wonderful Examples…Great Job Joe !

Can I add these to the list??

Hospital Emergency room!!
Waiting for Doctor!!:frowning:

The second picture looks as if it is a box for a clock or similiar device. The wires that are loose are from a battery. There is also a housing ground condutor wire and in the upper right corner you can see an empty conduit (fitting) that has no wire so I am guessing this looks worse then it really is… Sorry not as dangerous as I thought.