Pilings or piers homes opening protection

Pilings or piers home with non-living space underneath…homeowners converted to garage complete with garage doors…

Do the openings in the non-living space count ???

I would say since it’s been converted and enclosed and there are garage doors, then those doors would have to meet impact rated standards just as if this dwelling was constructed with an actual garage from the get-go, hope they bought impact rated garage doors…

yeah, i would count that too

If it was left open as designed and built, it would be treated like a carport or open porch. However, once the doors were added it would require rated/approved products like any other opening.

The interntion of these style homes is to have breakway walls below the FEMA flood elevation. I would make note of that to the underwriter and then any mention of what the homeowner may have done to the home after the governmenatl C/O Inspections.