Pillar to Post franchise refunded our money. They don't want us at their convention.

Pillar to Post doesn’t want their franchises to see what 5 booths packed full of competitive advantages for home inspectors looks like. They refunded our money and uninvited us to their annual convention.

In a related side note: Inspector Membership Benefits and Competitive Advantages - InterNACHI keeps growing.

It’s their loss.

That is a shame. The BrickKicker sees so many benefits with InterNACHI and we are very proud of our relationship and friendships.

I suspect 5 booths of such stuff might show some that they don’t need to be part of a franchise in order to be successful.

I never have understood the franchise benefits in the Home Inspection industry.

Not necessarily. InterNachi’s politics are being deemed as ‘questionable’ lately. Wouldn’t surprise me if they are being proactive and distancing themselves in advance of all the **** about to hit-the-fan.

Jeff, do I sense negativity here? And who is doing the questioning of it’s politics if I may ask. Do you have a source for that?

Good riddance Pillar to Post! Yep!

Have you ever seen a P2P report? Ugh those guys need Internachi more than anyone. If anything Nick, Internachi should be doing spot checks on members reports and uninviting them from the organization. I mean ANY member.

Did you let them down easy? :smiley:

I see that approximately 75% of the Texas franchise Inspectors have been in business not much more than 2 years. Not a lot of seasoned/veteran Inspectors in their ranks.

Do we have many PTP Inspectors as members in INACHI?



Here is an instance
Nick has stated that he made a purchase in Porch and has a wall of checks along with a seat on Porch in the decision process.

If you follow Successfull Home Inspector podcast episode 115.
@ the 52 minute mark.
Q. how does one invest in Porch?
A. its a private company that simply does not happen.
Q. Nick Gromicko says he invested. How did he invest?
A. Uh Yea Nick and I started talking about the buy back guarantee and his idea was he let me invest that will give me deeper insight to the company with the data to make sure nothing weird is happing
Q. Does he have a seat on the board of any kind of voting?
A. NO Nope no no seat on the board, he is just an advisor to give him assurance that we are doing what we say we are doing, that we are not selling data.

Nick tells the InterNACHI members that he bought part of porch, he now has a controlling seat in how they operate, Nick was given a wall of cash to pay for customer complaints.
Matt CEO of Porch says NO

I want to side with Nick on this because i respect him, but someone is blowing smoke up the rear side of the membership.

Even better. Rent a small conference room right next to theirs and have your own vendor room with snacks. Draw their own guys away from the conference.


I’m with you John, there is some serious shenanigans going on by 1 side, the other or most likely both. The real truth will unfold shortly…it always does.


I’m voting it’s Both. ;-):wink:

Marcel are you going blind…I respect you but are you now a total fan boy ?

Look around you and see what the industry is saying over these suspicious tie ins with Porch.

For the first time in 12 years I have concerns with my association.I have always been proud too be a member but am …just sad… not only about whats been going on these last several months but that some people are to dense to read between the lines.

This may not end well .

interNACHI has never been a member-run organization. You’re just along for the ride but you can get off any time you like. That is, unless you have become dependent on interNACHI copyrighted intellectual property.

And NFL football stadiums aren’t run by football players. Different skill set. NAHI was member-run. How’d that go for them?

Why do you think it doesn’t happen. I’m an investor in dozens of privately-held companies.

Nothing unusual. I wrote a check and became a stockholder.

A seat on the board doesn’t give one control of a company either. Stockholders have voting rights.