Pilot with InterNACHI Members & U.S. Dept. of Energy Building America in Michigan

The pilot (already supported by the Michigan Governor’s Office, Michigan Saves, and local utilities) will focus on InterNACHI Home Energy Inspection™ protocol, developed by InterNACHI. http://www.nachi.org/home-energy-inspection.htm

The Michigan pilot will gather data on at least 250 homes in Michigan that receive Home Energy Inspections. The pilot will also develop and implement strategies to educate inspectors on the value of offering Home Energy Inspections and provide inspectors with information to show the value of energy upgrades to their clients.

The goal is to integrate U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Building America technical knowledge into the Home Energy Inspection (make technical recommendations for changes to the current process to optimize energy efficiency), and to integrate U.S. Department of Energy Building America research results (content) into inspector and homeowner education, as well as to gather data on the home inspection process, and homes being inspected in the pilot. In addition, the pilot will constitute a “living laboratory” that can be used to examine and better understand the home inspection processes and infrastructure. The pilot will provide concrete guidance to U.S. Department of Energy Building America on how to effectively engage with the home inspection process to achieve shared goals for existing homes. Including:

  • A clear understanding of the home inspection process, market, opportunity to impact energy efficiency, software tools, and connection to the Home Energy Score (InterNACHI is currently a Dept. of Energy Home Energy Score partner and is addressing the opportunities and challenges involved in aligning Home Energy Score protocols and their own inspection processes). http://energy.gov/eere/buildings/home-energy-score-partners#Colorado
  • Aligning the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR and worker certification programs (InterNACHI is looking for strategies to hand homeowners off to qualified home energy professionals). http://www.nachi.org/indoor-air-plus.htm
  • A map of the InterNACHI Home Energy Inspection – current standards, data collection protocols, reporting methodology – and the incorporation of DOE Building America recommendations and content into the Home Energy Inspection (which is a national roll out).
  • A roadmap for how DOE Building America can better engage with the home inspection industry to further its national energy efficiency goals.
  • Inspector education and consumer outreach incorporating DOE Building America content into training for home inspectors on doing Home Energy Inspections, and in consumer outreach materials for hundreds of homes undergoing inspection in the Michigan pilot. This content will also be incorporated into future markets.

InterNACHI’s innovative Home Energy Report™ has the potential to impact 4-5 million existing homes per year. Key stakeholders are home inspectors, real estate professionals, and home buyers. InterNACHI’s Home Energy Inspection™ and Home Energy Report™ are currently available to InterNACHI members in all major markets.

** To Participate:**

Members in Michigan can participate in the Home Energy Inspection program in their market area by subscribing to InterNACHI’s Inspector Newsletter at http://www.formstack.com/forms/?1365807-mdjE1Ht4c3 or contacting Ben Gromicko at ben@internachi.org.

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