Pin holes at structural rim joists

Home built in 1900, water intrusion at every wall, water damaged beams & joists. Anyone ever see these pin holes before? They are present on several of the rim joists, some of the wood around them is damaged, but unable to determine if they are related. No termites seen, but the client is getting a termite inspection

Yes I have seen them.
There not pin holes.

Powder post beetles!! First time for me to see that. Thanks for the reply.

Here is a picture so others can see what they look like .

powder post beatles.png

powder post beatles.png

powder post beatles.png

I’m a licensed wood destroying insect inspector and I’ve found those critters many times. Always in very old homes, late 1800’s thru early 1900’s. Most of the timber for these homes was cut locally at the time, at least around here, never kiln dried, and a lot of times installed right on sight. The bugs are often under the bark when the tree was cut, and brought into the home with the construction. Sometimes they die out with minimal damage, and sometimes they completely replace entire beams and joists with there crapped out frass that just crumbles in your hands like powder, hence the name.

Thats some of the worst powder post damage I’ve seen.
It’s not uncommon here to see but very rarely structural damage.