Pine straw landscaping is a fire hazard

How many of you have ever thought about this? Anyone call it out in your reports? A fireman told me recently that pine straw is especially hazardous because people entering the home toss their cigarettes into the landscaping mulch, creating an accelerated fire that quickly leaps up the siding (vinyl is especially hazardous), through the soffit and into the attic.

Most landscape materials are flammable. Have you ever seen dormant turf grass go up in flames? No, I wouldn’t put it in my report.

Easy correction would be to not force people t smoke outside.
It should be done in a safer environment such as in bed.

I inform my clients of Mulch, Pine Straw and so on. Mostly because because of a picnic table for termites. Good point Joe. I recommend synthetic mulch or river stone as alternative .

I’ll bet you’re one of those that “flick’s his Bic” to Dorito’s, and has the dog chase them across the room! :twisted:

Those are the words of experience.:slight_smile:

Have not owned a dog in a long time but the next one will be a
Bearded Collie.


Once more it is confirmed Smoking is not healthy .

We had a guy throw his wife off the balcony over smoking .

Roy how much are smokes up there now?