Pins and glue aren't enough to support the floor

I hoped that the cells were filled but this foreclosure took 4 hrs. as it was, so I didn’t spend much time investigating. I looked, but there was no easy answer.
This scenario is not uncommon around here… glue and pin the rim, BUT… usually they post the rim down to the footing with 2x4 treated posts every 4’ or so.
Recommendation- Take steps to adequately support floor framing and install proper sasteners in the hangers.

Hi. Kenton;

This picture seems to indicate an 8" step in floor elevation and older framing seems to be present and looks like it is bearing in the masonry.

Sure is a floor framing technique I do not see very often.

I would sure hope that is solid masonry as you said and would have preferred to see quick bolts drilled in the solid masonry with 1/2" diameter bolts at two feet on center in an alternate pattern.

Good call on 4’ supports, hilti pins do not hold much in shear when attached to CMU.


It’s a step-down, Marcel. When you walk into the room you step down onto the new floor from the old, higher floor. Old floor does bear on masonry.

For some reason, around this part of the country they liked to extend the foundation wall well above grade, which is good, but when it came to hanging the floor from the foundation walls they didn’t install bolts. Instead, they liked to post up under the rim joist from the footing every couple of feet, put one toenail through the rim into each post, and call it good.

The way this will fail is… PL400 (the glue) becomes increasingly brittle with time and eventually starts to chrystalize. After about 8 years it starts to reach the point at which an impact will fracture it.
The pins will expand and contract with temperature changes and that will loosen them. The looser they get, the more effect impact and vibration have on them and they start to get looser faster.

Eventually somebody drops the piano the last few inches, everyone’s dancing to a heavy beat or something happens cause the floor to fail.

No doubt of failure eventually in my mind Kenton. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: