Pipe Dream

Today’s inspection. :smiley:

Is the pipe leading away from the house the main sewer pipe?

Wtf is that…

I can’t wait to hear how people would write this up.

By the time we got to the back of the house the buyer had already backed out of the deal so I didn’t investigate further, but I do know this house was serviced by a septic & well.

Looks good from here.:stuck_out_tongue:

“Calling Mr. Rube Goldberg to the white courtesy phone. Mr. Rube Goldberg please.”

Wrong call its not a pipe dream its a wet dream???

pipe dreamused to be one of my favorite time wasters back in the days when I was employed. Much more fun than tetris. Looks like Joe found the ‘source code’

Well the crime scene tape is appropriate. :wink:

Combo unit?

We are going to need more fittings.