Pipe in living space

It boggles my mind why people would even consider doing stuff like this!

I inspected this house for a contractor a couple of years ago. While I was cleaning out my files I came accross this photo. Now with the knowledge I know now, and if I had too write this in my report today for a client I’m not sure what to even say. The joints didn’t appear to be damaged. It is a 3/4" Copper Pipe and it appeared to be supplying H/W to a Basebnoard heating system on a 3rd Flr Bedroom. There where no utilities on at the time of this inspection.
I just thought this would be interesting for discussion. Feed back from you guys would be appreciated with the knowledge you guys posess.

[ATTACH]521 Pittston Ave Scranton, PA 007 - Copy.JPG[/ATTACH]

521 Pittston Ave Scranton, PA 007 - Copy.JPG

521 Pittston Ave Scranton, PA 007.JPG

The third floor Living Space was added after original construction…
and this was the method of least expense…

I am not aware of anything that would suggest exposed piping is not Code Compliant…
Also as you suggest a few years ago…
PA Did not have a Building Code before July 2007…

Maybe your Scranton area varies…

Guess you never lived in a basement apartment or had the convenience of ceiling coat hangers ,David.

LOL, If you only knew. I could understand a basement and even bypassing snaking up through the framing but to have the pipe this low from the origanal cieling just seems like laziness to me. you can see there was a drop cieling put in so there is definetly room for that pipe to have gone up. the question still remains though. How would you report such a finding?

Discover, Describe, Defer.

Discover-Copper pipe exposed in living space.
Describe-Copper pipe does not appear to be installed correctly in the living space and could pose a hazard.
Defer-Recommend further evaluation and repair by a licensed contractor prior to occupancy.

It becomes a great selling point when you think about it.
Coat hanging space.

Gees I should have seen your post first.:frowning:

I had a guy in one home who ran a string across his kitchen from corner to corner and clothes pinned all his bills to it. I can see this pipe serving many valuable purposes.

Thank You Paul.