Pipe inspection equipment

Do you have pipe to inspect?let me know and I’m good at this project…

Can you help me with what kind of pipe it is here?


Look at that bulge just below the valves, those pipes must have frost damage :wink:

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The more significant issue you have going on there is that the ink pen has fallen out!

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Without the pen in its proper position, the water meter will not function properly!

I think this is what the OP was after🤔

Have repaired or replaced by a qualified calligrapher…

“and the pen, having written, moves on…”

Hi,Larry.Do you wanna inspect this pipe?It seems like a normal steel pipe,If so,may I know pipe diameter?thank you:)

I think you should stop inspecting pipes before you get your self in trouble

You are the one that said you are good at inspecting pipes but if I had to guess I would say a big ZERO.

You should listen to Stephen.

I think I’m ready for you.
Where are you located how much.
Please post website & qualifications here thank you.

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Marc he specifically wanted Larry🤔

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Thanks, Martin… Marc took the handoff at the ready.


Aha,I won’t spend too much effort to identify what kind of pipe this is, not to mention that the pipe in your photo looks like the pipe of the last century. If you have a problem with the pipeline, I can help you to detect, clean and Fix your pipeline, this is my job, thank you for understanding…

Time to put up or… … … … … … …

Aha,I won’t spend too much effort to identify what kind of pipe this is,but you are a certified Master Inspector I think you should know… thank you for understanding…

But Jack, you said the below, in post #1, so it should be easy for you, no?:

I’ll get the popcorn… :crazy_face:

Yes, I have said it, but the focus of my attention is not what you said, let me distinguish whether it is a plastic pipe, steel pipe, concrete pipe or PVC pipe, etc., so you send a picture of the pipe to make me discern what it means ? Or there is a problem with the tube on the photo? Make no mistake,bro…