Pipe reducer/connector

Is the plumbing fitting in the photo just to reduce form one size to another?
Seems like a waste of time & money. Why not just use the proper size all the way from the shut off to the fixture. Or am I missing something here!!!
Thanks Again & again & again.


88606 Strongsville 029 (Small).jpg

It looks more like the lenght wasn’t quite enough and the fitting is to connect two female ends.

Yep, I agree, whatever he had in the ole junkbox to git-er-done;)


Some faucets have the braided hoses included,they are smaller in size and are very specific for the faucet. Most manufacturers supply a connector [male fittings both ends] to connect to existing braided hoses.
It seems to me that the homeowner [not likely a plumber] did not have male fittings both ends and used 1/2" copper. Nothing wrong with it,except it doesn’t look professional. Even if he or she used the proper fittings it would still not be professional.
The correct way is to extend copper with shut off valve to braided hoses coming from faucet.

We have to remember that quite a few homeowners are undertaking small jobs like this on their own.