Piping ID

If I have questions about the piping material in a house, I pull the beauty ring off at the washing machine and look down into the wall to ID the piping material.:slight_smile:

Then you damage the ring and scratch up the wall putting it back…lol…hey brother just playing devils advo…you know how it works…lol

Basically I can tell most by looking at the piping under the sinks and drain pipes and pray they have a unfinished basement or crawl space …also more than often when in the attic piping is exposed at some point and I take notes at that point.

Paul, with slab on grade foundations and 15" or more of blown insulation in the attic many times the piping is not visable. As for looking under the sink at the “whips” from the shutoff valves, that is definetly a bad way to ID the piping material.

I do like your electrical posts brother;-)

lol…make jokes fella…lol…I use any way i can to try and ID a pipe…tehhhehe…and if you knew some of the plumbers I know you would have trouble IDing anything…thehehhe

Ok…are you saying…PAUL back to the electrical area…tehheeh

:wink: Another PEX house Paul.

Or It could be braided SST?


That, combined with looking at pipes at the water heater, exterior faucets, and anywhere else that it is visible has not failed me in proper identification in 32 years.

I do the same thing if I suspect PB, but can only find the copper stubs they use under sinks, hose bibs etc. I have also cut a little 1" slot in the wall board behind the beauty ring if I am unable to get a good look at whats down there.

Sometimes you can wiggle the valves under a sink and they will have excessive movment( kind of rubbery) usually indicating PB or PEX.

Remember there are many homes in this part of the country that have no attic and no crawl. So you gotta look some place.

Oh my, I would never think of doing anything like that.:wink: :roll: :twisted:

Neither would I. Wow.

Won’t gaurantee the piping in the walls.

I’ll patch it if I need to.:stuck_out_tongue:

I have been looking for a small boroscope for this. Any suggestions?

I don’t guarantee anything. In fact, my contract and report specifically state:

I don’t offer an guarantees either RR ,I just like to be sure as to what I am reporting.

Ok…funny man…If you look PAST the whips you may see more than you think you will see under many sinks…lol…

Long live the SINK lookers of the world…

Funny Paul.

(hehehehehehe Steve)