Pisca vs. Photoscape

I have been using Pisca for a while for my photo editing, has anyone used Photoscape (or others).

I use the software to clean up old pictures I have as well as those my friends and family send me…looking for something simple but yet has features at the pixel level.



Jeff I use many,so call if you want the scoop.
Photoscape is better than Picasa,but you can store online with picasa.

Also try Photofiltre.
It is the best one of the free programs

thanks Robert…I have downloaded, tested and deleted several programs already.
I like Pisca but I want to do cloning and work at the pixel level when needed.
I was experimenting with Gimp but it seems to complicated…
I will try PhotoFilter next…I have about 6 more to try…thanks

GIMP is going to have the most features, but of course that does make it more complicated like you mentioned.

Try this http://www.faststone.org/