Pistol grip Rechargable Spot Light deal


Radio Shack has a good deal on a compact spot light through June 16th.

I picked up 2 yesterday. Not high quality but for $5 can’t go wrong.

Here are the specs. Includes both A/C and DC car chargers.

This Power Up rechargeable spotlight provides 1M candlepower and ABS plastic housing. Includes 100-volt AC charger and 12 volt DC car charging cord. Great for home and outdoors.

  • 1,000,000 candlepower
  • Includes 100 volt AC charger and 12 volt DC car charging cord
  • ABS plastic housing
  • Continuous running time: 40-50 minutes
  • Great for home and outdoors

What’s in the box

  • Power Up Rechargeable Spotlight
  • 100 volt AC charger
  • 12 volt DC car charging cord
    Follow the link to see if your local store has them in stock.


Nice find.

I just told my wife that we need to stop at Radioshack on the way to the 5pm Jennifer Anniston matinee movie (whatever the name of it is…:smiley: )

Looks like the ones I bought from RS last year for $5. Dont rely on the 40-50 mins of run time. Those things have left me in the dark in an attic and crawlspaces a few times even after being charged right before the inspection. Great for short trips into the dark but take a back up light. I think the best time I ever got was around 30 mins. And when it goes out it just goes from bright down to dim then out in about 15 seconds. The best feature was the price. If I accidently leave one behind Im not out a lot of money. Ive actually thought about leaving one in the crawlspace a time or two just so I wouldn’t have to drag it out with me.

That’s why I bought 2. And if I lose one what’s $5. I like the pistol grip instead of Stinger or maglite whick I also carry in my bag for normal use. And a pocket maglite on my belt.

smart man. I bought three and carry all of them in the truck with the charger so I can plug it up between inspections or after using. They give a lot of light and like you said, you can’t beat the price. It takes quite a bit of abuse too. I carry a SabreLight (Pelican) as my backup light. Can’t have too many lights in my opinion.

Great minds think alike. Almost bought three myself but decided 2 was enough for a “pig in a poke” deal. I agree, you really can’t have too many lights with you.

I use two.

One for the crawlspace and one for the attic! :slight_smile: