ZAP! let’s energize the entire structure :shock: I stopped counting at 50

They loved making paper dolls

This was today’s honest to goodness Texas ice dam, for all my northern friends

Don’t try to garner favour with us up here in the Great White North by empathasizing about ICE & SNOW. WE can deal with it in our own ways! GRRRRRR!!! #%&^*(^%+(&%#

That is pretty bad, Barry…buying a slurpie at 7-11 and tossing some on the roof. :roll: :mrgreen: :smiley:

Has anybody told them that they can get a cover plate for a quarter?

These were in a church daycare.

The lord works in mysterious ways and the kids here were left to their own demise.
Could be the reason it was for sale.
They truly believed in only the strong survive.

How did they make it this long??

Those cardboard cover plates were a great craft project for the kids, got them all done in one day!