Plan on going to Disney Land, Read this


I don’t plan on going to work. The ride opened in 1975 and now there is a problem for the workers? Lol

Those fines are pocket change to Disney, Marcel…:stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am glad the one in Florida was OK when I went last October. :wink:

OSHA is a self supporting Government entity, maybe they just needed some money to stay afloat. :slight_smile:

OSHA safety standards have changed over the years. What may have been considered acceptable at one time may not longer be considered safe.

Unlike building codes which are not retroactive, safety codes take effect immediately. I would bet over the last 38 years, there have been modifications to many of the original installations. Nothing wrong with safety.

These are fines relative to employee safety standards. They dd not pertain to the general public.