Plane and Passengers Isolated - Wow

Flight diverted to Boston after passenger complains of flu

By Martin Finucane, Globe Staff

A United Airlines flight from Munich to Washington has been diverted to Boston’s Logan International Airport because a female passenger complained of flu symptoms, an airport official said.

Flight 903, a 777 containing 245 passengers and 16 crew, has been isolated in the north cargo area of the airport, said airport spokesman Phil Orlandella.

One patient was removed from the plane and was being taken to Masachusetts General Hospital, said Jennifer Mehigan, a spokeswoman for Boston Emergency Medical Services. The other passengers are expected to stay on board and continue to Washington after refueling, airport officials said. A United Airlines spokesman didn’t immediately return a message seeking comment. Flight 903 left Munich at 5:32 a.m. Eastern time, headed for Dulles International Airport outside of Washington. It arrived in Boston at 1:46 p.m, according to the airline’s website.

Television footage showed the plane on the airfield with its forward door open and firefighters and other emergency workers conferring at the top of rolling stairs, with an ambulance parked at the bottom. A refueling truck was parked nearby.

Next time you fly, pray that someon does not sneeze.