Planning to become a Home Inspector?

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I am considering producing a complete package for sale to new inspectors ready to start a business at a very reasonable price. It will include information you need to plan, startup, tooling, advertising, inspection checklists, inspection reporting system, and operate an inspection business. I will also send free updates and other information for at least six months. It will not be a repeat of items available from NACHI, most of those are free here and more available as a member.

This can eliminate the need for a franchise and save yourself many weeks of research and work. It will also save on costs due to my research for good prices etc. Note that I have done all of this and not paid one dime to a lawyer, accountant or franchise operation, you get a lot of my knowledge on paper.

I can have it ready for delivery in the near future if I get enough requests.
Price? depends on the amount of interest, but it will be around $150 for about $5,000 plus worth of information. Documents can be in WORD or WordPerfect format to allow you to make your own custom changes.

Email if you are interested