Plant identity

Anyone know what this plant is called?

I found it in an alley and now its over 5’ tall, I need to know how to trim it.

Plant question of the week!

Cut it a little bit above the stem nodes.
That way the cut end will dry out above the node below…
They root in water very easy at each node. Even the leaf veins will root if cut with a razor blade and covered with moist soil.
It will die in extreme cold weather.

Do I win anything? LOL!

Thanks Roy,
Yep, I’ll send you a pound of fresh roasted coffee Silvertree Inspections coffee.

Will that work?

Damn ! I won something this week…:cool:
Make it decaf…I’m already strung out too far. LOL!

Roy, dark roast or city roast (city is medium.)

Do I need to grind the beans for you?

City and yes please.
You are not serious are you ?
You don’t have to do it! We are friends.

Sounds nice, Paul.

Roy, did you know that dark roast has less caffeine?

Nope! Thanks
Then I want dark…:smiley:

I’m doing it because I want to. Your right we are friends but its fun to share my coffee.

So shut up and enjoy a cup when it arrives.

Ive been spanked